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Unique Entertainment Ideas For Wedding

There are key suppliers to every wedding day - venue, photographer, musicians (ahem!) - and I am always preaching to my couples to do what they bloody well want to because it's their wedding day! This day is supposed to reflect you guys, your likes and interests, and to be honest will probably be the biggest event you'll ever plan in your why not go a bit wild? Make it a memorable day for you and your guests by including some of these fab and unique entertainment ideas into your day.


It can't just be me that thinks these guys are the cutest? Even more so when they're wearing a little bowtie. There are so many companies that will bring alpacas to your wedding (obvs depending on your venue!), giving you and your guests some fab photo opportunities, and the chance to meet these gorgeous animals. There are also some venues out there, such as The Wellbeing Farm, who keep alpacas, sheep, and donkeys, meaning you're not limited to a short time period!

Glitter Bar

This is PERFECT for those festival style, ibiza party weddings. What a way to get your guests involved, and in the party mood by getting some glitter on them? This is the equivalent of when you were a kid having your face painted at the zoo, except there's probably more alcohol involved, and it's unlikely you'll be seeing an giraffes - but you'll defo have a banging party.

Arcade Games

Who doesn't love a good gaming sesh? Hiring Arcade Games for your wedding is the perfect way to get all your guests having fun together, especially if you have a lot of people who are meeting for the first time, and is great if you aren't the type of people who like dancing. There's such a variety of options out there, from pinball machines to air hockey tables meaning you can choose some of your favourite games, and also the ones you know you can beat everyone else at!

Live Artist

You may have seen a real buzz recently on social media regarding live artists and illustrators attending weddings- and for good reason! A totally different way of capturing your wedding day, whether you choose to have an artist paint a live portrait of your wedding day, or you choose an illustrator to sketch your guests, it's guaranteed to draw the attention of all your guests.

Fortune Teller

Whether you're skeptic or a believer, it's hard to resist finding our what the future may or may not hold for you. Magicians are becoming a pretty popular form of entertainment at weddings, which is opening the door for more mystical forms of entertainment such as mind readers and fortune tellers, which will always be a talking point amongst your guests!

Pop Up Karaoke Booth

No, this is not just for nights out, or kids parties, karaoke is appropriate ANYWHERE! Especially when you can hire pop up booths, meaning you can be the world famous popstar you always dreamed of. Another super fun idea, especially if you have guests who are big into music, and it being in a booth means you don't have to listen to everyone if you don't want to!

Silent Disco

Silent discos are super fun, offer different styles for different guests, and are bizarre in the best way possible. Imagine you're grooving away with your best friends, but you're listening to ABBA, someone else is listening to Guns'n'Roses, and someone else is listening to Cascada - pure chaos. This is also the perfect option for venues that have sound restrictions such as a limiter, or no music after a certain time.

Hopefully this list has helped to give you some inspiration around what you can do to make your wedding more you, and entertaining for everyone in attendance. Don't feel like you have to go with the flow, you can do whatever takes your fancy, it's your big day!



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