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Musical Moments On Your Big Day

Photo by The Taylors

There's so much that goes into planning a wedding, that often it's hard to know if there's anything you've missed. So many small details go into making the day unique to you and telling your love story. Music marks many of the pivotal moments of our lives - filling the gaps, heightening emotions, creating a memory - and this is also true on your wedding day!

Guests Arrival + Ceremony

You're due to get married in T-60 minutes, saying 'I Do' to the love of your life, so let's set the mood. Many couples go down the route of the classic love songs, but there's no reason why you couldn't set the mood with something slightly different. If you're having a festival style wedding, why not include the headlining acts in your relationship? Or if you're more of a Cinderella & Prince Charming, then include some Disney classics!

We all know you need music for walking down the aisle to say 'I Do', and music for walking back down the aisle after you're married, but many people forget about choosing music for whilst guests are seated for your ceremony - this is often a similar vibe to your guests arrival, all about setting the mood, and prepping everybody for a retelling of your love story. Depending on whether you're having a celebrant led ceremony, or a registrar led ceremony (not sure what the difference is? Try this article!) you may also need to choose music for during your ceremony - whether that is signing of the register, during a ring warming, or in lieu of a traditional hymn, you can discuss all this with whoever is leading your ceremony, and make a choice that suits you.

Drinks Reception + Wedding Breakfast

Have you ever gone to a bar, restaurant, or even a supermarket, and noticed there's no music on? Isn't it weird? Music helps to aid the flow of conversation, and bridge those natural lulls in the day, so why wouldn't you include it during your reception? You'll usually spend a portion of this time doing your couples portraits, leaving your guests to entertain themselves, and what better to keep entertained then a banging playlist?

Whether you choose to have live music (and here are some reasons why you should!) or you put together a playlist of background music to keep the vibes flowing, this is often a part of the day most people forget about (musically that is!), when actually it is such a crucial part of the day for keeping guests engaged. Your ceremony and evening reception are usually the highlights of the day for most couples and guests, however don't underestimate the importance to keeping the energy up during the day. You don't want guests feeling bored or uncomfortable in the silences, or worse - leaving early before you've even cut your cake!

Another thing to consider is your wedding breakfast entrance. Usually guests will be seated first, then the two of you will be announced into your wedding breakfast for the first time as newlyweds - think clapping, cheering, napkins waving - why not choose a song to highlight this moment? Very similar vibes to your ceremony exit, this moment is all about celebrating you!

Room Turnaround + Cake Cut + First Dance

It's party tiiiiime BUT don't be mistaken in thinking your party only begins once the cake is cut and your first dance is done - you can get the party started at any time of the day, and something that many people underestimate is the pre-evening room turnaround. This is the perfect time to get everybody in the mood to hit the dancefloor, whether you choose to have live music, or switch up the playlist from chilled day time vibes to party classics, keeping the energy high is the key to getting the party started as soon as your DJ starts their set.

The cake cut is an underrated moment of the day, without a good MC and a banging song it can end up feeling like an awkward moment. Regardless of whoever announces your cake cut, get them to cut the music, gather your guests around, and count down from 5. The moment you reach 1, get your DJ to hit play on your song of choice, and celebrate getting to taste your gorgeous cake! Think something upbeat, fun, a party starter, it fills the gap whilst you pose for photos, and have a cheeky piece of cake.

After your cake cut, it's time to move onto your first dance - the first official dance as newlyweds, and time to get the party started. What song you choose is totally dependent on you as a couple, and whether you want a full choreographed routine, a gentle sway around the dancefloor, or a full on party starter. Some couples are not fans of being in the limelight, and you know what? SAME. If this is you, make sure you have some of your favourite people standing by, ready to jump in and boogie when you need them too.

Your first dance is the perfect opportunity to get that dance floor packed immediately. Get your MC or DJ to invite guests to join you halfway through, then make sure the next songs that follows is a crowd pleaser, boom, packed dance floor! Some couples may choose to have a dance with a parent, which can be a gorgeous moment on the day. Our advice would be to do this BEFORE your first dance - once people have left the dancefloor, it's hard to get them to return, and you don't want to kill the vibe that you've built up during your first dance!

Finally, consider choosing the last song of the night. Yes, most your guests may have left, and it might only be you and your closest friends left, but making sure you go out with a bang is such a fun way to round off your wedding day. One of our favourite songs to close out the evening is 'I've Had The Time Of My Life' from Dirty Dancing, but you can literally choose anything you want.

Photo by Adam Lowndes



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