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Hello, nice to meet you!


Well this is officially it...our first blog post! After some gentle encouragement by others in the wedding industry we've decided to take a leap of faith and try blogging, because why not? And what better way to kick off blogging then by introducing (or re-introducing if we've already met!) ourselves? So hello there, we are Becky & Josh, an acoustic duo from Lancashire, who specialise in daytime wedding entertainment, and perform at events all over the country.

We met six years ago on our second day at university when we were placed in a group together, and told we had to perform a Michael Jackson song the following week in class. A rehearsal was organised, and by some miracle we were the first two people to arrive. I absolutely talked Josh's ear off, and noticed his phone case was the album artwork from Muse's Origin Of Symmetry, and then we hit it off.

Later that week Josh asked me if I would like to perform at a gig with him, him on piano, me on vocals, and we started rehearsing together every week, if not every day. We pretty much only performed songs from the artists we loved, think Keane, Muse, Radiohead, and Coldplay's early albums (in particular Viva La Vida), but I was very insistent that we would also perform Can't Help Falling In Love - a very particular version that I had heard by Ingrid Michaelson, which went on to become our most requested song.

Six years later, and we are still here as a pair. Our repertoire may have changed drastically, swapping Radiohead for Frank Sinatra, and Josh has switched instruments a few times, but we're still the same duo who enjoy performing together, getting a late night maccies after a gig, and bickering over The Beatles!

We've been so lucky over the last few years to perform at some incredible events, and for some absolutely amazing couples, of who there are far too many to mention, and we hope there will be many more years of weddings and events for us to come! This blog will be a collection of weddings we have performed at, as well as our advice for those currently planning a wedding, so stay tuned for further posts!




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